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Educational Offerings

Our courses

Our interactive courses are designed for both pet parents and industry professionals from around the world. 

We incorporate adult learning principles into our teachings to ensure that our courses are accessible to all types of learners.

Our participants enjoy a casual learning environment that is both hands-on and informational.

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Ready your Dog's Joints for Summer Activities

May 23rd, 7pm ET Cost: Free

Jope for Joints is a patented UC-II product that was created to stop the aging of your dog's joints in its tracks.  This amazing all-natural solution to joint aging will help your dog to age gracefully with less injury and more happy memories.

If you're looking for a proven answer to painful joints and preventive care, join us and Jope co-founder Dr. Christine Colamonico, DVM speak about this revolutionary solution to joint care that is Wholesome Dog approved and used daily by our pups!

Inside and Outside: Your dog's need for a Healthy Microbiome, and How to Achieve It 

May 30th, 7pm ET Cost: Free

Joyfully known as "Dr. Poop Lady", Dr. Odette Suter, DVM has specialized in the study and well-being of the microbiome for overall health and wellness. With almost 30 years dedicated to helping pets, she is committed to preventing disease and finding imbalances before symptoms manifest. She is also passionate about empowering pet parents to do all they can to help our dogs maximize their health and focus on proactive wellness. 

This holistic veterinarian will teach us about our dog's microbiome, how to support it, and how improving the health of the microbiome can improve the overall quality of your dog's longevity.  Dr. Suter will discuss all of this, and her best-selling book, "What Your Vet Never Told You: Secrets to Supporting Peak Health for Your Animal". 

The Forever Dog Discussion Group

Next cohort TBD

This course is designed for pet parents and professionals who want to learn how to best understand the role nutrition, the environment, and genetics play in their dog's life and how to best support them.

 Participants will learn valuable information, lessons, and top recommendations for food, supplements, and best practices to ensure their dogs live their longest, healthiest lives possible. Included in the course is over $100 of free food and supplements, shipping, over 12 hours of interactive learning, and a weekly set of supplemental resources. The value of this class is over $750.

"I’ve had the good fortune of taking a couple of canine nutrition courses/book discussions with Julielyn. In addition to being a wealth of knowledge, she is a consistently exceptional instructor and facilitator. She deftly handles complex conversations with ease while also creating space for everyone to participate. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her commitment to canine nutrition is self-evident. I highly recommend her and encourage you to take every opportunity to work with her."

Sara Patch, Onward Dogs, Owner (VT)

Certified End of Life Doula for Companion Animals

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