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About The Wholesome Dog

The Wholesome Dog is a resource for pet parents and professionals who want to learn how to best support their dogs to live their healthiest and longest lives possible. We provide information from both a science and holistic and integrative health and nutrition perspective to help your dogs thrive.

What We Offer

At The Wholesome Dog, we offer a wealth of science-based information on how to best provide for your dog's physical and emotional health. From nutrition tips to product recommendations, we have everything you need to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Two dogs

Who We Are

We are dog parents with a combined history of over 50 years of serving as medical professionals, advocates, and pet professionals across the country. Our experience has proven to us the long-term benefits of a healthy and nutritionally-appropriate lifestyle. As a result, we seek to share and educate you on the best ways and means to provide your dogs with their longest and most fulfilling lives. 

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How It Works

We combine a professional teaching background with years of pet retail experience to bring you opportunities to learn from the top health and industry professionals.

We provide a comfortable and accessible learning environment designed for all pet parents, regardless of where you are in your pet's health journey. 

Golden Retriever
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