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Add a new book to your bookshelves

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Here's our latest book recommendation to add to your shelves: Dr. Judy Morgan, whom we support whole heartedly for the health and well being of all of our pets has added a continuation to "Raising Naturally Healthy Pets" entitled, "Keeping Your Pets Naturally Healthy."

In this second book Dr. Judy really focuses on the use of holistic therapies to define, understand and treat common illnesses within the home. It is no surprise to anyone that the easiest solution for a veterinarian to suggest is the use of pharmaceuticals and chemically manufactured diets to treat the symptoms of a disease. It creates a cycle of illness and a reason for a pet parent to return to the veterinarian practice to buy more goods and services. It is not a solution. It allows your pet to have a relatively healthy well balanced life, until disease progression takes over.

With Dr. Judy's 30 plus years of experience as a holistic practitioner, with training in acupuncture, chiropractic, and nutritional experience this book will guide you in the practice of assessing your pup, and utilizing tried and true recipes, and treatments that get at the core of your pets illness. It will teach you to treat the cause of illness, not the symptoms, allowing your dog to have a longer, healthier, happier life. It does not replace a veterinarian but gives you options while discussing your pets health.

I can personally speak to the success of this program, having 14.5, 12.5, and 10 year old labs. Each of my dogs came to the use of Yin and Yang nutrition and the understanding of holistic care because I found that modern veterinarian care was not helping to solve the underlying conditions that my dogs each encountered. I met Dr. Judy at an event in Greensboro, North Carolina and with a few exchanges I knew I was on a new journey to the best health and well being for my dogs. How? Briefly speaking, my 12.5 year old had a thymoma removed at 12, and the use of chemically created dog foods were not helping him to heal. I had a 10 year old lab that we had been told had a brain tumor causing seizures on the same carbohydrate diet, and an 8 year old that could only eat hydrolyzed protein foods without losing body weight. In that one conversation, and the purchase of "Yin and Yang" my dogs lives turned around. As you can guess, that 14.5 year old still runs and plays, my 12 year old never had a brain tumor, and my 10 year old now eats a healthy raw diet gaining 14 pounds when his entire life he had hovered at 46. The changes were small and the improvements were enormous. Buy this book give it a quick read. It will make the life of your pets so much better!


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