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Making Magic Happen

As you may have recently seen, one of our contributors, Michelle Thomas, began hosting biofeedback sessions for dog parents wanting to learn more about what lab work wasn't telling us. Every session is unique, and Michelle has been able to define allergies, preferences, and solutions that work medicinally in harmony with standard veterinary practices.

I have participated with each of my dogs, and unique to each one I have learned how to adapt my feeding regimen to meet each of their individualized needs. I now know what they prefer to eat, and how best to present every meal, and have been advised of holistic blends of flowers, and herbs to create harmony.

Harry, 15, has required a gently cooked diet for some time. I had made the decision due to his age, and health status. He is a cancer survivor and has served his entire life as my son's service dog. He is considered cured, as he has just reached his 2-year survival date, however, the wear and tear on his body will never fully be recovered. He has been my running partner throughout his life, and his joints show his age also. He walks/jogs every day, and varies from 1.5 to 2 miles. Talking with Michelle I let her know he has developed a lipoma on his side and in various areas of his body. His surgical scarring runs vertically from his neck to his belly, and I believed his fluid was stagnant. He is on a TCVM diet suggested by Dr Morgan, but the fluid wouldn't drain and the stagnation was new. Michelle worked with him to discover that this stagnation was a sign of stress, specifically worry about me, and the changes in his schedule while I recently was ill for a time. It was suggested I try a flower tincture for stress and contact her back in a month's time. It is working. The lipomas are really shrinking and I have made a point of letting him know in small ways that things are better. We are back on our run/walk schedule, just he and I, and I am taking him back out and life is back to normal. In other words, I was falling short and didn't realize how much it physically affected him. I should have been more attentive, as I am when he needs me. We are a team, and now I know how it shows.

Sally, 13, has been on seizure medicine for over three years. One dose of Nexgard, and within 6 hours she was seizing. To say it was horrible is an understatement. I have been requesting to remove her for over a year because it was taking such a toll on her life. She was slow, lacked resilience, and generally didn't enjoy her life anymore. She steadily gained weight, and no matter the exercise, or diet she was slowly on the decline. With a change in veterinarians and the addition of Michelle's work, we are on our way down from 150 mg to 50mg twice a day. Without any other changes in diet, and the same daily exercise, she is already down 7.5 pounds. We are cautiously waiting to see if we need to add any other natural products to combat seizure activity, but so far none is needed. We have added an anxiety supplement, and some additional detoxifiers to rid her body of residuals from treatment. She is happier and more confident. She is our lovable big old English lab again. I am sorry it took 3 years of her life to have her back.

Fizz, 11 was born with allergies. At the time, I had only considered kibble brands, and we ate everything from Beef to Kangaroo. We finally settled on a hydrolyzed protein diet, and he saw limited success. I learned a lot from Fizz and finally, after much self-education moved to Raw. I learned his allergies were actually the cereal products and crap in the very kibble I was using to help him. Michelle will be seeing him next week and I cannot wait to see if I can help him further.

Bottom line, Michelle is onto something. What work she has done is in no small measure changing the lives of my dogs, and many others as well. She is amazing and Magical Mutts should be a follow. Be sure to sign up for Michelle's free class on Thursday, November 9th, 2023 at 6:30pm ET to learn more about how she can help your pet.

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