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Do you have a favorite store that you love? Nominate them this Holiday Season!

Can you believe it is the holiday season again? It seems like we just all raised a glass to the New Year and it's already coming to a close. I often joke some days seem like a year, and I can't wait for them to be over. During COVID I can remember hunkering down in front of the television waiting for the 11:00 news briefing, to get a view from my little corner of the world, and thinking we are all in this together, and then I really took time and realized something magical in all the chaos. We became small again. Don't get me wrong, I had a monthly Amazon order complete with toilet paper, and paper towels. I had the masks on order that I could not find anywhere else, but every few days I would wander out to my local stores for the things I wanted, the comforts of home, and this idea grew on me.

It was my local pet store that kept stock in place when no one could get anything. They made sure our dogs were cared for just as they cared for their own. They shared products and ideas, and when I needed a product they didn't carry they worked like mad to make sure that I could source it. So many brands went online, and that is wonderful, but I focused on the local vendors to provide the services when I could, and they came through. Needless to say, we are all better for it, and the lesson became clear. We need community, we need each other. It is with that respect in mind The Wholesome Dog has made a pledge to reach out to small businesses, and the communities that they serve alike. We want to partner with brands, and local stores to create an environment of caring and goodwill.

So this year in collaboration with our friend Kimberly at Keep The Tail Wagging, we're asking for your help. We want to recognize all of the places that are near and dear to your heart across the country. Those stores that maybe don't have the recognition they deserve for the amazing staff, and product lines they carry, and we need you to help us. If you know of or find a store that really has helped you as you work on turning your dog into a "Forever Dog" we want to know who they are. We have identified places we've shopped on our site, but we are just two people and we are all about creating community.

Send us a message, share a link or if they don't have a website, give us the name of the store and their city and state. Together we hope to highlight these places for all they have done and continue to do to help our families stay healthy.

Once a quarter, we will feature these stores to introduce them and the amazing people behind them and show off what makes them so special We need small steps to make big changes, and together we can make the good shine, and help others in our communities grow and learn with us.

So here's to Small Business everywhere, and to a bright healthy 2024! Cheers!


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