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Most Kibble is Not Your Dog's Best Friend

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Kibble is a convenient option for feeding your pet. It literally was created to make feeding cats and dogs more convenient as the families left the farm and went to work in factories.

The problem for many animals, as with many human foods, is that convenience or fast foods, are highly processed with lower quality ingredients. The end result is a subpar food that provides immediate calories to fill the dog up, but rarely satisfies the true nutritional requirements. We're swapping out whole food sources of essential and vital vitamins and minerals for synthetics, and real human-grade meat for highly rendered bits and pieces of leftover factory-farm raised mystery meat. Ultimately, most kibble is a food that is primarily unneeded carbohydrates (sugar), which would be like you and I eating box mac and cheese every day, twice a day. We would look and feel like crap.

Not all kibbles are created equal. In my experience, Nature's Logic, Farmina, Carna4, CanineCaviar, and OpenFarm offer a dry food which is significantly less processed and more bio-available for the dog's body. Check out this helpful graphic from our friends at The Healthy Dog Expo.


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